Goodbye, Town.

From our last night in Kandern, Germany.

(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown.)


In the great green room

There is a glowing world

And a tiny spoon

And a picture of kids,

pointing up at the moon.

There are two goldfish,

and a bunny dish.

And two paper stars,

and a purple car.

And a windowsill

With a view of the hill,

And a picture of Venice, silent and still.

Goodbye room.

Goodbye spoon.

Goodbye kids pointing up at the moon.

Goodbye fish,

And goodbye dish.

Goodbye paper stars,

And purple car.

Goodbye windowsill

And goodbye hill.

Goodbye Venice,

Silent and still.

Goodbye town,

Sweet and small,

Goodbye home,

We’ve loved it all.


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  1. Peppe Enfield says:

    Praying for an uneventful and joyous journey, in spite of the tears that are sure to flow.
    Hugs, Peppe and Dave.

  2. Oh, dear ones,

    Just now catching up on email! What a delightful poem. Not familiar with original – never read that book to boys (was it even published yet?), but maybe read it once or twice as librarian or ??.

    I’m sure you 3 are as jetlagged as we are – MORE! Since you travelled 9/10 time zones and we only travelled 6, but then you’re much younger, too! Ha, ha! Praying your transition goes well and that you find the perfect (affordable, big enough, etc. – praying for a 2 BR apt for you – 1 will be too cramped!). May you have a wonderful 1st year there!

    Remind me how long you asked for continued support – Sept? Oct?

    Love you and don’t be strangers. Want to hear about Timmy’s new job and your forays into motherhood as your only vocation. Somehow, I think you’ll make the most of it, still find time to write, and maybe do some tutoring or online English help to keep your hand in one of your great loves!

    Laura (and Brant)

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    1. Kristi says:

      Thank you, Laura! We’re slowly recovering from jet lag and all the busyness of the last few weeks of school, packing, moving and travel. Thank you for the prayers and for the encouragement! We’re hoping to keep receiving support through September, as that’s when school for Timmy at Seattle Christian will start. Praying your busy summer is going well, also. When do you move back for good?

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