An Account of Blessings: 27th Birthday Edition

Students pose with the birthday cake they baked for Period 4 to enjoy.
Taco Salad Surprise Lunch: 1

Rousing renditions of “Happy Birthday”: 5

Birthday Cakes: 3

Icabod Crane Piñata: 1

Times Watching Disney’s 1949 “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (narrated by Bing Crosby!) With Eleventh Graders: 2

Long Walk Through Golden Forest: 1

Notes of love and greeting from friends, family and students: Countless

Thanks to all, near and far, for blessing me with love and encouragement on my birthday!

In case you were having trouble picturing an "Ichabod Crane Piñata."

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  1. raincitypastor says:

    I think the ‘box of woe’ is even funnier than the pinata…. I need a box of woe.

  2. Pat Collins says:

    Glad you added the picture. Somehow I never pictured Ichabod Crane looking quite like that! Happy Belated Birthday!

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