Summer At My First Home

Home. In the last two years–my first away from the Pacific Northwest of my American childhood–the word  has stretched and grown, taking on new meaning in strange places, expanding to include cultures I’m just beginning to understand and people I’ve quickly grown to love. But though this strange life now includes many homes, Washington State…

Guest Posted!

For anyone who didn’t come straight here from my dad Richard Dahlstrom’s excellent blog, Fibonacci Faith, I have a new post about leaving home up there.  Enjoy!

Leaving Home, Taking Home

For me, the lesson of young adulthood has been how to appreciate the beauty of investing in the community around me. Not used to long-term residence or relationships, I’ve been learning to trust God in the indefinite termlessness of young adulthood. What does it mean, I used to ask, to stay somewhere and to love it?