So… what’s a Pep Band?

“So, Ms. R is forming a Pep Band, so if you’re interested come to the meeting after school…”

I look across the circle of desks at my students, who listen to our Vice Principal’s voice over the PA system with frowns on their faces, as if this were news to them.  It’s seventh period, and this announcement has been made several times already today.

“…And, because I’ve heard this a lot today, a pep band is a group of musicians who play brass instruments, and they play music before, after and during sports events, to get the crowds excited.  If you have more questions, ask me and I’ll show you some footage of my college pep band.  Which I was in.”

“Oh!” someone sighs, relieved, the frown unfurling.  “Finally!  I’ve been wondering all day!”  Others nod, similarly enlightened.  “It’s a band!”

I love my school.