July: News, Thanks, and Prayers

Reunited with Kristi’s siblings and mom in Washington.

News and Dates:

  • July 5-8: Kristi attending former roommate’s wedding in Minnesota
  • Timmy is in the process of transferring his Air Force Reserve service to Joint Base Lewis McChord in Olympia, Washington. He’ll start sometime in July, and is excited to get connected with a new military community.

We’re Thankful For:

  • Smooth Travels from Germany to Washington State last month. All our bags (and us) made it in one piece, and we’re thrilled that the moving is done for now!
  • A Good Ending of the school year, full of sweet goodbyes and just the right kind of closure. This has been a great season for us at Black Forest Academy, and we leave with many fond memories and strong friendships.
  • A Painless Transition of medical care for Kristi and the baby, coming from our OB we loved in Kandern to the midwife practice we love in Issaquah, who delivered Luci in 2015. Baby and mom are doing great at 26 weeks!
  • Reunions With Family, some after more than 18 months, in Kristi’s parents’ little mountain chalet. We’re thankful for the time to spend here settling gently back into American life before the busyness of moving and jobs in the fall.
  • The Roe Family, for picking up our things in Sequim, Washington, where they’d been waiting with our former landlords, Rick and Mary Beth Holladay. We’re happy to have our bikes back!

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Transition. Pray for us as we reacquaint ourselves with life in America after living overseas for the last two (and before that, five and seven) years. There are many differences—some pleasant surprises and some unpleasant ones—so pray that we encounter each day with openness to learn and give ourselves grace through these changes.
  • Housing in Seattle. We are really starting this apartment search in earnest now! Still hoping for a 2-bedroom apartment, ideally somewhere on the south or east side of Seattle. Pray for wisdom as we check out the options, and for an affordable, healthy living space for our family. And if you have (or know of) a condo or mother-in-law unit that needs a tenant, let us know!

Thank you to all of you who’ve written, texted, called or visited in the last few weeks to express your support and encouragement as we continue this big transition. We feel your prayers, and are overwhelmed with gratitude for your friendship.

Peace in Christ,

Timmy & Kristi Dahlstrom


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  1. Praying for all your requests! Your statement about allowing yourself Grace to face the changes really resonated with me! I shall write that in my journal and try to remember that for us in November! Great thought.

    Love to all four of you, Laura

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