August: News, Thanks and Prayers

Playing Bananagrams at our conference in July!
Playing Bananagrams at our conference in July!

News and Dates:

  • August 7-12: Counseling residency at Regent University in Virginia (Timmy)
  • August 18-30: Staff Orientation at BFA
  • August 31: First day of school!
  • Timmy will spend the second week of August in Virginia beginning his Masters in Counseling with Regent University. While the program is mostly online, there are three weeks in residence throughout the three-year program.
  • While Kristi will still be teaching American Literature and mentoring new teachers, this year she’ll also be teaching Public Speaking for the first time!
  • Luci is getting more mobile every day! She’s loving exploring our new apartment on hands and knees, and even took a few steps the other day!

We’re Thankful For:

  • A Great Week at the Avant Europe conference at the beginning of July. We were thrilled to spend the time getting to know some great kids and learning more about what this mission does throughout the world.
  • Financial Support in the last few months that has added up to our monthly goal. Thankful for the one-time gifts that have helped to make up the difference in our monthly support shortfall.
  • Time to Rest before beginning the busyness of the school year. Even Luci has started to sleep better!
  • Our Home at the Art Factory, which has started to feel more and more homey. Thankful also for our landlords and the community that surrounds us here.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Transitions. Pray for us as we transition into the new roles and routines of the school year, both in our individual vocations and as a family. Pray for clear communication and that we would use the time given us here to God’s glory.
  • New Staff. Pray for the families and individuals traveling to Germany in the coming weeks to start their lives here, and that God would reveal ways that we can show them hospitality as they engage with the community here.
  • Financial Support. Our monthly support goal is $5500, which will cover the added living expenses of our growing family, and we currently have about $4315 pledged monthly. If you are interested in helping us return to this ministry fully supported, please visit our Getting Involved page or our online giving page with TeachBeyond.

We continue to be deeply grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from all around the world. From showing us hospitality to blessing us with financial support, we couldn’t possibly serve without your involvement. Please let us know if there are ways that we can be praying for you, or if you have any questions our life or ministry.

Peace in Christ,

Timmy & Kristi Dahlstrom


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  1. Wonderful letter! As usual! I loved teaching public speaking – fun to interact with them. Just assure them the first day or two that no one has ever died from getting up and making a speech! We covered about 8 areas of public speaking, and I would teach anywhere from 2-3 days, then sometimes we would do a practice activity for 2 days (especially when we were doing persuasive speaking focused on “infomercials”), and then they would write their speeches, practice in class with a partner, and then present their speeches. So each type of speech usually took 2-3 weeks to get through the cycle. I found it less prep than English (WAY LESS!!!), and I graded them on a rubric as they spoke, giving mini-rubrics to some of the students for peer evaluation (and to help them focus!) So grading was WAY LESS too! And it was really fun to watch them grow in their abilities. Anyway, it’s a fun area to teach and TONS of info/ideas are available. Will it be a semester class or a year? If it’s the whole year, you even have time to get into debate! So I really wanted to ask who will take care of Miss Luci? Does Timmy anticipate being home or will someone in community watch her? Just curious! Praying the rest of your support comes in. If each supporter pledged $10 more per month, would that bring you close? If you asked me for $10 more/month, that would be really hard to turn down. Just wondering if you might try that approach. Hugs and I’ll talk to Brant about sending a little extra each month. Does Timmy get any kind of stipend from USAF?Laura

    Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 17:59:43 +0000 To:

    1. Kristi says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’m looking forward to teaching it. Public speaking is just a 1 semester elective, so I’ll get to teach it twice!

      Timmy will be working from home with Member Care, so he’ll be with Luci during the day most of the time. Looking forward to this new season, and so thankful for the flexibility of both of our schedules as we live, work and raise our daughter in Kandern!

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