June: News, Thanks and Prayers

Visiting our friends, the Kings, on San Juan Island last month.
Visiting our friends, the Kings, on San Juan Island last month.

News and Dates:

  • June 10: Dinner for Snoqualmie Pass neighbors
  • June 19: Luci’s dedication at Bethany Community Church
  • June 23: Return to Germany!
  • The good news: We’ve gained several new supporters this month, bringing our monthly support to $4250! So exciting to see God putting this team together as we prepare to return!
  • Because of a change in the way that TeachBeyond collects income taxes, our support goal has been moved to $5500 for full support. This means we still have a little way to go towards being fully supported and able to purchase a car once we return to Kandern. Please pray about joining our support team if you haven’t already!

We’re Thankful For:

  • New Supporters who have joined us in the last few months. Thank you for the encouragement that you are to our ministry, and for making it possible for us to work and live in Germany!
  • The Roe Family for hosting our Kaffee & Kuchen gathering in Seattle last month. It was a great time of fellowship with new and old friends, giving us the chance to share our heart for the work God is doing in global missions at BFA and in Kandern.
  • A Year of Milestones that we’ve been able to be a part of during our time here. From weddings to new babies to significant birthdays, we’ve been so thankful to be on this side of the ocean to take part in these celebrations.
  • Our neighborhood at Snoqualmie Pass, which throughout the year has been a place of genuine community and encouragement to us as we’ve become a family of three. We love you all, and will miss you greatly!

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Travel & Moving! Pray for us as we return to Germany at the end of June, for safety and health as we cross the ocean for the first time as a family. Pray also for us as we settle into our home in Kandern at the end of the month.
  • Financial Support. Our goal for returning to Germany in June is $5500 in monthly support, which will cover the added living expenses of our growing family, and we’re currently receiving about $4250 monthly. If you are interested in helping us return to this ministry fully supported, please visit our Getting Involved page or our online giving page with TeachBeyond.

As we look ahead to returning to Germany in June, we’re overwhelmed with the support and encouragement we receive from all around the world. You are so instrumental in keeping us in ministry; we couldn’t do it without you! Please let us know if there are ways that we can be praying for you, or if you have any questions about what’s going on in our lives these days.

Peace in Christ,

Timmy & Kristi Dahlstrom


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