May: News, Thanks and Prayers


The Dahlstroms on sister Holly's wedding day!
The Dahlstroms on Holly’s wedding day!

News and Dates:

  • May 8: Come visit us after the services at Bethany Greenlake in Seattle!
  • May 15: Speaking at Concrete Community Bible Church
  • May 22: Kaffee & Kuchen gathering in Seattle. Details to come!

We’re Thankful For:

  • Smooth Travels for Timmy as he returned from Germany, and for all of us on a trip to Chicago for a chaplaincy conference. Luci is getting to be a better traveler each time!
  • A Wedding Weekend full of fun and family, as Kristi’s younger sister, Holly Dahlstrom, married Chris Prairie. It was a wonderful time of celebrating these two excellent people as they begin their lives together.
  • New Supporters bringing encouragement as they partner with us in ministry!
  • Luci, who continues to brighten the lives of our little family and community up here in the mountains as she grows into a chatty, lively little girl.
  • The Michaelsen, Gallagher and Walker Families, who were able to come up for Holly’s wedding. It was such a blessing to spend time connecting with extended family and introducing them to our daughter.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Relationships. We are so incredibly thankful for the new and old friendships that we’ve been able to build during this year in Washington. Pray for continued sweet times of relationship in the next month and a half that we’re here.
  • Financial Support. Our goal for returning to Germany in June is $5500 in monthly support, which will cover the added living expenses of our growing family, and we’re currently receiving about $4100 monthly. If you are interested in helping us return to this ministry fully supported, please visit our Getting Involved page or our online giving page with TeachBeyond.

As we look ahead to returning to Germany in June, we’re overwhelmed with the support and encouragement we receive from all around the world. You are so instrumental in keeping us in ministry; we couldn’t do it without you! Please let us know if there are ways that we can be praying for you, or if you have any questions about what’s going on in our lives these days.

Peace in Christ,

Timmy & Kristi Dahlstrom


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