Why Give?

With our return to Germany set for five months from today, we are working to raise about $1200 in additional monthly support before then. We are incredibly grateful for those of you who have been supporting us financially for years; our ministry truly hinges on your partnership. As we look ahead to the future, we are excited for this opportunity to bring new supporters into this ministry at Black Forest Academy.

So who should support this ministry? While there are many reasons we are passionate about serving students at Black Forest Academy, we love to partner with those who are excited about education, young people or overseas missions.

Passion for Education

DebateAs a premier Christian international school in the region, BFA offers a quality education, building a solid foundation for young people from which to become learners and leaders in the world. Since all of the staff and faculty are support-based missionaries, your support allows the school to offer this education to the children of missionaries at a fraction of the cost of other international schools.

Passion for Young People

Winter Retreat 2013The students of BFA often come from mission backgrounds, but most arrive at school at a critical point in their learning and faith development. Many are pursuing a relationship with Christ as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the staff of BFA are privileged to stand in the role of mentors and role models on this journey to maturity. Through the gifts of financial supporters, we have been able to invest in the lives of extraordinary young people as they seek answers about their lives and the world around them.

Passion for Overseas Missions

Central AsiaThe majority of students at BFA are the children of missionaries serving around the Eastern Hemisphere. With especially concentrated populations serving in ministry in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central and East Asia, BFA facilitates global missions by providing for the educational needs of families serving in these places. Many of our students tell us that their families would have had to leave missions entirely if not for the education and community available at BFA. Supporting us as we serve at BFA in turn supports mission work in over 60 countries around the world!

We love being able to share the work that God is doing with education, young people and in missions worldwide through Black Forest Academy. Please pray about getting involved in this great work and joining our support team for the coming year. If you have questions about our work in Germany, feel free to email me at kristi.dahlstrom@gmail.com.


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