June: News, Thanks and Prayers

Our beloved small group, (almost) all grown up.
Our beloved small group, (almost) all grown up.

News and Dates:

  • June 1: Spring Concert
  • June 5: Final small group
  • June 6: Student Council hand-off event
  • June 6-12: Final Exams
  • June 12: Senior Cruise
  • June 13: Graduation Rehearsal
  • June 14: Graduation
  • Curriculum for June: Final review, college essay speeches, end-of-year discussions
  • New Roles: Starting in August, Timmy and I will have some new roles for the 2014-15 school year. Timmy will be heading up Student Council, while I’ll be assisting him in that and helping to facilitate mentoring for our new teachers at BFA. We’ll both have smaller teaching responsibilities as we approaching these new roles, and we’re excited to see what God has planned for us!

I’m Thankful For:

  • Class of 2015, with whom I’m just finishing the year. This has been a year of hardworking and sincere learners, with classes full of laughter and interesting questions. Thanks, Juniors, for a fun year.
  • Josh and Mandy Poe, family from Virginia beach who will be visiting us in June. Excited to show Timmy’s family around this corner of the world!
  • A Picnic Table outside our house, which facilitates “outdoor office” for grading on these busy, sunny spring weekends.
  • Our Small Group, which Emily and I have been blessed to lead for the past four years. It has been incredible to see the work of God in transforming these young women, from giggly girls in love with Justin Bieber to strong, committed women, seeking Christ as they walk into adulthood.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Ending Well. Pray for our staff and students as we finish the school year, that we would honor Christ and each other with the way we finish. Pray for clear heads for final exams, and open hearts to say final farewells.
  • Future Guidance. Though our own transition away from BFA is still a year away, pray for us as we listen for God’s leading, weighing options of vocation, location and education as we try to discern His will.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support, which makes our ministry here possible! If you have a prayer request or questions about life or ministry in Germany, or if you’d like to become a financial partner in our ministry, email me at kristi.dahlstrom@gmail.com.

Peace in Christ,

Kristi & Timmy


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