March: News, Thanks and Prayers

AP Ceramic students watch a demonstration on the weekend workshop with a master potter.
AP Ceramic students watch a demonstration on the weekend workshop with a master potter.

News and Dates:

  • March 4: Track season begins
  • March 6-8: Middle school play: Annie Jr.
  • March 14-16: Faculty retreat in Switzerland
  • Curriculum for March: The Great Gatsby, modern poetry, author research projects

I’m Thankful For:

  • High School Retreat, always a time of busy reconnection with students in a new place, this year’s was full of rich conversation and explorations of what it means to follow Christ into adulthood.
  • Travel with students, both to Nürnberg for High School Retreat and to the Black Forest for a pottery workshop, times that allowed for connection especially with seniors who are processing their upcoming graduation.
  • The Great Gatsby, for providing the usual opportunities to discuss materialism, morality, love and Western values in the context of a brilliant piece of American writing.
  • The Juniors, a group of students who loves poetry and new vocabulary, and is always looking for connections between English class and their lives.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Transition. With students wrapping up their time here, and many close friends preparing to leave, pray that Timmy and I would be wise in how to support, encourage and love our students and friends through this busy and often taxing time.
  • Senior Class. Pray for us as we spend these last few months with the class we’ve sponsored, investing time and love into these students. Pray that conversations would be rich and deep, and that Christ would continue to work in these relationships through the end of the school year.

It is always a delight to hear from you! If you have a prayer request or questions about life or ministry in Germany, or if you’d like to become a financial partner in this ministry, email me at

Peace in Christ,

Kristi & Timmy


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