December: News, Thanks and Prayers

Maugenhard Thanksgiving

News and Dates:

  • December 4: Small Group Christmas Party
  • December 6-7: First home basketball game, wrestling travels to Hohenfels
  • December 8: Christmas Concert
  • December 13: Last day of classes
  • December 28: Kristi and Timmy are getting married!
  • Curriculum for December: Addentures of Huckleberry FinnPudd’nhead Wilson, satire, short story writing

I’m Thankful For:

  • Maugenhard Dorm, which has been a place of warmth, laughter and rest this month. Monday evenings have truly been a delight, a commitment I look forward to each week.
  • Donna Dahlstrom and Emily Kremer, my mother and roommate, who have put so much work, from here and in Seattle, into our wedding in December. As an inept event planner, I feel blessed to have two such talented women at my side!
  • Mark Twain, providing a lighter segment of content after the dour and melancholic depths of American Romanticism. I’ve enjoyed trying out my Southern accent and laughing with my students this month.
  • Fiction, for providing my students a space for creativity and play that seldom appears this late in the educational game. My students are currently deep in imaginary worlds, and I’m excited to see their finished products.
  • Snow, which has made a few appearances in the last few days, turning our little town into an even more magical place.
  • Seattle, where I’ll be for Christmas for the first time in three years. I am blessed with this home, and excited to share it with Timmy this year!

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Health and Rest. Our community continues to struggle with illness at this cold, dark time of year. Pray that students and staff are able to get appropriate rest in order to remain healthy, and that we are wise with our commitments in this busy season.
  • Wedding! Pray that the weekend of our wedding would be smooth and rich, a time honoring to God and our families as Timmy and I begin this journey together.

I’m so thankful for your friendship, encouragement and support, all of which make this ministry possible. If you have a prayer request or questions about life or ministry in Germany, or if you’d like to become a financial partner in this ministry, email me at

Peace in Christ,



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