September: News, Thanks and Prayers

My classroom, all ready for new American Literature students to arrive!
My classroom, all ready for new American Literature students to arrive!

News and Dates:

  • September 2: Parent Teacher Fellowship
  • September 3: First Day of School
  • September 16-20: Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • September 18: Small Groups begin
  • On September 18, all high school students and staff will be spreading out into the surrounding communities to do volunteer work for BFA’s first ever Impact Day. Pray that this is a great time of connection and service with our German neighbors.
  • After 3 years of automobile-free existence, I have recently found a car to purchase. This will be a great help in transporting ourselves and our small group this year, and allowing us to offer hospitality to our community in the form of airport rides and shopping trips.

I’m Thankful For:

  • Hans Peter Royer, teacher and mountain guideand the opportunity to celebrate his life in Ramsau last week. Blessed to be a part of the international body of Christ, in times of sadness as well as celebration.
  • A new roommate, Ellen Warneke, who has moved into the apartment this year. She is a Spanish teacher, fellow left-hander, and expert in fine gluten-free cuisine.
  • The Class of 2014, with whom I’ve spent three hilarious years as a class sponsor. I’m looking forward to starting this year with them, and seeing them through to graduation in the spring.
  • Jill Young, our returned English Department Chair, who brings wisdom, creativity and energy to our seniors and her department.
  • September, magical month of academic new beginnings, which after some two decades as a student and then a teacher still brings the promise of freshness and familiarity in this seasonal life.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • New Staff and Students. Be praying for those who are new to our community in the coming weeks and months, as they adjust to the busy pace that we set at Black Forest Academy. Pray that we who’ve been here for a while would be conscious of the needs of those around us, and good hosts to all who are in transition.
  • Senior Class Trip. As senior sponsors, we’ll spend the month of September planning for the senior class trip to Rome in the beginning of October. Pray that details work out smoothly (especially as we’re taking one of the largest groups yet), and that all involved will be able to use their gifts well.
  • Future Plans. Pray for Timmy and me as we make decisions regarding our long-term future at Black Forest Academy. Pray for guidance, clarity and all the information needed to make wise plans that will honor Christ.

I’m so thankful for your friendship, encouragement and support, all of which make this ministry possible. If you have a prayer request or questions about my life or ministry in Germany, or if you’d like to become a financial supporter, email me at

Peace in Christ,



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