December: News, Thanks and Prayers

With our junior girls' small group at Christmas Banquet 2012
With our junior girls’ small group at Christmas Banquet 2012

News and Dates:

  • December 7: First home basketball game against Wiesbaden High School
  • December 8: Creative Writing Class’s Poetry Slam
  • December 9: Christmas Concert and Art Show
  • December 14: Last day of classes!
  • December 15-17: Visit with Richard Dahlstrom at Tauernhof
  • December 15-January 4: Christmas Break

I’m Thankful For:

  • Mark Twain, whose incisive and humorous writing has lightened the mood of both American Literature classes this month, allowing us to laugh as we learn.
  • The December snow that has turned our town into a Christmas card (even though it doesn’t cancel school, thanks to our intrepid bus drivers).
  • Tauernhof and Bodenseehof  Torchbearer Schools, who bring my dad, Richard Dahlstrom, to Europe every December. Seeing him has become a sweet tradition in these last few years.
  • Unplanned moments of community with students this month, as they’ve cooked and Christmas caroled at my house, and I’ve spent times in the dorms reading, baking and learning to know these students better.
  • One brilliant year with wonderful Timmy Gaster. I’m thankful for the joy he brings to my life, and the many prayers from friends and family that continue to guide our relationship as we plan for the future.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Travel Safety. Starting next week, our students and many staff will be traveling to be with family for the holidays. Pray for safety, health and restorative relational time for those who travel.
  • Rest. This autumn has been one rich in learning and opportunity, but also stretching the hours of the day to their outer limits. Pray that Christmas break is a time of restoration for the weary staff and students of BFA.
  • Small Group. A frequent prayer request, our five junior girls continue to bring us both joy and challenge, as they continue to grow in their relationships with Christ and one another. Pray that they seek Him in all that they do, and for Emily and me to be wise in our interactions with each of them.

I’m so thankful for the encouragement and support so many of you are to me. Please email me at with news, prayer requests, or if you’d like to partner financially with this ministry.

Peace in Christ,



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