September: News, Thanks and Prayers

New and old friends meet in our new home, to celebrate the end of summer and beginning of a school year.

News and Dates:

  • September 3: New Student Orientation
  • September 4: First Day of School
  • September 7-9: Faculty Retreat
  • September 17-21: Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • I’m starting this year as a brand-new English Department Chair, learning about budgets, going to early meetings, and dusting off my teacher mentoring skills. We’re delighted to have two new English teachers at the high school, and one at the middle school.
  • BFA has a record 55 new staff this year! We just finished a great week of All Staff Conference, and were encouraged by the incredible stories of how God brought these new colleagues from all over the world here to Kandern.

I’m Thankful For:

  • Financial Gifts from some of you in Seattle this summer, which have been such a help and encouragement to me as this school year begins.
  • Proximity of friends and colleagues in this small town. I often take for granted the blessing of living within walking or biking distance of most people I know, but I’ve been especially thankful for it lately, as we help one another move into new homes and enjoy the casual intimacy of neighbors.
  • Leadership of the junior class, which I continue to help advise. It’s a busy year, with a trip to France in October and a banquet to plan in May, and I’m thankful for the students and colleagues who have stepped forward to share in these responsibilities.
  • Returning to a familiar subject this year. With the new role of Department Chair and five sections of English, I’m thankful that the preparation load for American Literature is a little lighter this year than in the last two.
  • Autumn in the Black Forest, a beautiful time that reminds me of God’s aesthetic perfection and love for us. It’s coming; I can feel it!

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Class Trip Preparations. Juniors take a class trip to Normandy and Paris at the beginning of October. Pray for those of us in leadership over these students, as we prepare to travel with them and lead them in learning adventures abroad.
  • New Teaching Staff. BFA has a large number of brand-new teachers this year, bringing enthusiasm and subject knowledge to our students. Pray for their first days and weeks, that they would be filled with joy in this new season.
  • Church and Community Involvement. Pray for me as I make decisions regarding how to spend time this year, especially in regards to attending church and Kandern involvements like the women’s choir. I’m seeking discernment in balancing “scheduled” time and availability to serve students and community members around me.

I’m so thankful for the encouragement and support so many of you are to me. Thank you for your emails and news from home. As always, please email me at with news, prayer requests, or if you’d like to partner financially with this ministry.

Peace in Christ,



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