June: News, Thanks and Prayers

Our sophomore girls’ small group, at our final “VIP Picnic” evening.

News and Dates:

  • June 1: BFA Award Ceremony
  • June 2: Graduation!
  • June 3: All-Staff Barbeque
  • June 4: Moving Day
  • June 7: Kandern to Frankfurt to Seattle
  • June 9: SPU Graduation (Donna and Holly Dahlstrom graduate)
  • June 24: Visit to Concrete Community Bible Church
  • June 27: Bethany Community Church Living Room Report

I’m Thankful For:

  • Anna Key, who has been such an extraordinarily kind, hospitable and inspiring roommate to Emily and me for the last two years. Praying for her as she moves back to New York state next week.
  • The Class of 2012, my first class at BFA, who are graduating from high school tomorrow. I’ll miss their humor, their energy and their strong love for one another, but know that God will continue to bless and keep them as they leave this place.
  • The Class of 2013, this year’s junior class, who have filled these days with excellent questions and brilliant imaginations. Praying that these conversations continue when return in the summer.
  • Jill Young, who has served as English Department Chair for many of her 19 years at BFA. She is spending the next year on Home Assignment, and I’ve been so blessed by her wisdom, encouragement and experience in mentoring me as a teacher.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Graduation. Pray for our seniors as they process both the celebration and mourning of leaving this place, for many of them not only a school but a true home. Pray that we, as staff and faculty, would be gracious and attentive to the leading of the Spirit in all our interactions with our departing students.
  • Moving and Travel. My roommates and I move this Monday, then leave town on Tuesday and Thursday. Pray for a smooth process of moving and safety in travel.
  • Financial Support. God (and many of you) has provided me with fairly consistent finances for the last two years. Pray for continued support as I seek to raise an additional $300 in monthly support this summer (covering increased costs of health insurance and German taxes).

I’m so thankful for the encouragement and support so many of you are to me, and look forward seeing many of you soon! If there is a specific time that you will be in town this summer and want to catch up, email me at kristi.dahlstrom@gmail.com and we’ll get something planned!

Peace in Christ,



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