Summer At My First Home

Sunset over Shilshole Bay. Oh Seattle, how lovely.


In the last two years–my first away from the Pacific Northwest of my American childhood–the word  has stretched and grown, taking on new meaning in strange places, expanding to include cultures I’m just beginning to understand and people I’ve quickly grown to love.

But though this strange life now includes many homes, Washington State will always be my first, and I’m delighted to be returning there in less than three weeks. I anticipate a summer of connection and community, seeing many of you in person for the first time in too long. While much of this is still in process, here are the dates and schedule that I know so far for the summer.

  • June 7: Return to Seattle
  • June 9: SPU Graduation (Holly and Donna Dahlstrom graduate!)
  • June 24: Speaking at Concrete Community Bible Church
  • June 27: Bethany Missions Living Room Report with Emily Kelly (location TBA)
  • June 29-July 8: Attend BFA colleague’s wedding in Chicago
  • July 14: Noah Dahlstrom and Lindsey Maples’s Wedding!
  • July 28: Return to Kandern

I will also be holding a gathering at my parents’ house in Seattle in mid-June, the date of which I’ll publish as soon as possible. I am excited to share with you all the work God has been doing at Black Forest Academy over the last eighteen months. As I prepare to return to Seattle, I would like to ask for your prayer for the summer in the following areas:

  • Relationships: Pray for times of meaningful connection with friends, family and supporters. Through the magic of technology, I’ve been blessed to remain connected with many of you, even from a distance, but I am excited to spend the time catching up in person.
  • Communication: Pray that I will be able to communicate, clearly and effectively, the work that God has been doing at Black Forest Academy. It has truly been a privilege to serve here these last two years, and I am eager to share stories from the classroom, the track, and the many other places where I’ve been able to get involved here.
  • Financial Support: Due to rising costs of health insurance and German taxes, I am seeking to raise about $300 in additional monthly support this summer. Pray for provision and support, as I seek to continue the work that God has given me to do here at BFA. If you are interested in becoming a monthly supporter, or raising your current level of support, click here or contact me at

As always, I am overwhelmed with the encouragement that so many of you have been to me during these last two years at BFA. Thank you for making Seattle a home that I love and look forward to seeing again!

Peace in Christ,



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