April: News, Thanks and Prayers

American Literature begins a Friday morning with a poetry reading outside. What delight!

News and Dates:

  • March 31-April 7: Romania Habitat for Humanity Project
  • March 31-April 14: BFA Spring Break
  • April 21: Track @ Ansbach
  • April 23: Sono Libero due to the printers
  • April 28: Track @ Bitburg
  • Emily and I have been given an apartment for next year! It is in a great location, just around the corner where we currently live, and a much better size for just the two of us. Thanks for praying!
  • After purchasing my favorite flight home yet (direct from Frankfurt to Seattle!), I can announce officially that I will be in Seattle this summer from June 7 to July 28. Looking forward to catching up!
  • Curriculum for April: Post-Modern Literature and Memoir Writing

I’m Thankful For:

  • Spring at School with a class of students that I love, as I once again enjoy the comforting familiarity of a classroom where challenging conversations can happen safely.
  • Rest that is ahead this month, offering some “down time” after a few busy months and the Romania project.
  • The City of Kandern, which has come together in an amazing way in support of the Romania project, both with finances and encouragement, as our town sends its kids across the continent.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Spring Break Travel. Pray for the safety of students and staff as we travel for mission trips or return home for breaks.
  • Romania Project. Pray for us as we build a house in Romania this week, and also as we build relationships with our Kandern neighbors. For more prayer requests, see my previous post, and stay updated with our progress this week at our trip blog.
  • Residence Life Needs. Pray for BFA personnel as they seek to fill many open positions in the Residence Life department for next year. If you are interested, or know someone who could feel called in this way, contact me or request information on the BFA website.

Thank you , as always, for the great encouragement that so many of you are to me here.  If you have questions, news, or a desire to support financially, please contact me at kristi.dahlstrom@gmail.com.

Peace in Christ,



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