September: News, Thanks and Prayers

Director Phil Peters opens the 2011-2012 academic year.

News and Dates:

  • September 1: First dorm sub night at Maugenhard
  • September 7: First dorm sub night at Storchenblick
  • September 9: Sophomore class Capture the Flag!
  • September 9-12: Budenfest, a town festival revolving around food and music, celebrating the end of summer before German schools resume.
  • September 16-18: Faculty retreat to Adelboden, Switzerland
  • September 24: Sono Libero Dinner Party
  • September 29-October 3: Junior class trip to Normandy
  • With a new school year, I have some new opportunities and responsibilities. This year, I’ll be volunteering in two dorms on alternating weeks, helping to give residence staff some time off. I’ll also be co-advising our school’s art and literary magazine, Sono Libero.
  • Warren and Janet Gregory, my dear friends (and former violin teacher) from Seattle, will be stopping by Kandern as a part of a longer tour of Europe this month. I’m excited to see them and show them the sights!
  • Through a series of aligned details and opened doors, I’ll be able to attend the wedding of a dear college friend, Ashley Duncan, in California at the end of this month. This trip will also allow me to spend some time with my brother, Noah, who will meet me there for the trip. I’m excited and thankful for the financial and scheduling details that God has arranged to make this possible!
  • Curriculum for SeptemberThe Crucible, Great Awakening, American Romanticism, The Scarlet Letter

I’m Thankful For:

  • Emily and Anna, my excellent roommates. I am thankful for them always, and have written this more than once already, but their recent returns from the States have reminded me what an incredible blessing they both are in my life.
  • The hardworking staff of our Residence Life Department that I’m getting to work more closely with as a dorm sub, for the passion and care that they invest into making homes for our students.
  • Last year, so many experiences and relationships that I’m able to build on now, in my second year at BFA. Life is truly sweet these days.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Chapel Speaking! I’ve been given the honor of speaking at BFA’s Friday chapel tomorrow (September 2). Pray for courage and clarity (as I speak to about ten times my usual number of students), and that the Holy Spirit would work in our students’ hearts. I’m certainly relying on God in this new challenge!
  • Trip to California. Pray for safety and health, as well as meaningful times of connection with friends and family.
  • Conversations with Students. With most of my former students working through the university applications and future questions of early Senior year, I’m finding myself often in the role of mentor and counselor. This is a huge honor, one I don’t take for granted. Pray that I continue to rely on God for wisdom as I continue to invest in our students’ lives.

Thank you for the encouragement and support that so many of you have been in the past year.  If you have questions, news, or a desire to support financially, please contact me at

Peace in Christ,


BFA English Department welcomes the new year with tea!

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