August: News, Thanks and Prayers

Team Schlad United, my team for Upward Bound 2011, tries to unite on a single small table.

News and Dates:

  • August 6: Last of Upward Bound
  • August 7: Return to Kandern
  • August 10: First faculty day at BFA
  • August 15-19: All-Staff Conference
  • August 23: First Day of School
  • Curriculum for August: “This I Believe” essays, The Crucible

I’m Thankful For:

  • Community that God has been faithful to provide at Tauernhof and BFA, continually reminding me of His goodness and love in the character of the people around me.
  • Upward Bound 2011, five weeks of learning about teamwork, perseverance and the creativity of God in the majestic Austrian Alps.
  • Team Schlad United, my Upward Bound team this summer, for demonstrating the transformative power of living in Christ.
  • Emails from BFA Students, which remind me just in time how much I love being a teacher and am excited to return to Kandern.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • New Staff at BFA: Our new staff members are currently arriving and beginning their training in Kandern. Pray for safe travels, smooth transitions, and continued support raising for these new staff.
  • School Year Preparation: This year, I’ll be teaching Grade 11 American Literature as I did last year, and adding two sections of Honors classes. Pray for creativity as I seek to provide challenging and in-depth material for these highly motivated students.
  • Traveling: Upward Bound students are currently scattering to every corner of the globe, some traveling and others returning home. Tomorrow, I’ll take three trains (and four pieces of luggage) through three countries to get home. In the coming weeks, staff and students will return to Kandern. Pray for the safety and health of all!

Thank you for the encouragement and support that so many of you have been in the past year.  If you have questions, news, or a desire to support financially, please contact me at

Peace in Christ,


"You lead me beside still waters. You restore my soul."

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