March: News, Thanks and Prayers

My talented students, listening and playing. I love you, BFA Juniors!

News and Dates:

  • March 4-6: High School Winter Retreat in Lenk, Switzerland
  • March 8: Track season begins
  • March 11: Ms. Dahlstrom Presents: English 11 Movie Night
  • March 26: First track meet and overnight to Ansbach, Germany
  • Continuing in an improbable but pleasantly surprising new role, I’ll be serving as an assistant track coach this spring, specializing in sprinting and long jump.
  • Varsity Girls Basketball made BFA history last weekend by coming in second, in a nail-biting overtime, in DoDDS European Championships!
  • Curriculum for March: English: The Great Gatsby, modern poetry; Canadian History: World War II, the Cold War.

I’m thankful for:

  • The study of literature, which so often facilitates conversations about wisdom, art, love and truth, as we ponder together what it means to look for Christ in a world that often tries to hide Him.
  • Great conversations in the last weeks with friends, roommates, students, colleagues and parents.  I’ve been so blessed by the perspectives and stories of others lately, and continue to be thankful for the diversity of this place.
  • Warm days in winter, allowing me to spend afternoons in the sun, running or grading or basking, loving life.
  • The Munich US Consulate who processed my passport in just under two weeks.  Brilliant!  Truly an answer to prayer.

Please Be in Prayer For:

  • High School Winter Retreat: Pray for students and staff to have a restful time of community, fun and spiritual renewal.
  • Health: Students and staff have been hard-hit by various illnesses lately.  While I’ve been spared so far, pray for healing and rest for all.
  • Small Group:  Emily and I will be spending a great deal of intentional time with our ninth grade girls’ small group this weekend.  Pray that this is a time of relationship-building, both among the girls and with us.

If you have questions, want information about supporting financially, or want to share news or prayer requests of your own, please email me at  I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

Peace in Christ,




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