February: News, Thanks and Prayers

A wintry sunset in the Black Forest

News and Dates:

  • February 4-7: A giant weekend of BFA activities, including home basketball games, the Junior class Coffee House, Super Bowl parties in the middle of the night and an afternoon Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Should be excellent fun!
  • In an effort to get to know my neighbors in Kandern, I’ve recently joined the local women’s choir, or Frauenchor.  It’s been a great way to connect to others in town, as well as practice speaking (and singing!) German.
  • Curriculum for February: Research essays on American authors, the First and Second World Wars.

I’m Thankful For:

  • Teaching.  Including a six-month teaching internship, I’m working on my sixth year as a teacher.  Christ has blessed me lately with such gratefulness that this, in all its fun and interest and variety, is how I get to spend so much of my time.  I’m thankful for this calling and for the people who make it better each day.
  • Friends in Europe who eagerly welcome me into their homes, especially the Reids and the Körbers.  Thank you for your hospitality and friendship, making home feel close.
  • My roommates, Anna and Emily, who inspire me with their joy, courage and creativity, and make life and home sweet.
  • Edublogs, which for the third year in a row has hosted some of the most interesting student reflections, this time on topics of reality, romanticism and the purpose of stories.  Though it’s easy to find the faults in technology, I’m always pleased to see it benefitting the classroom community.

Please Be In Prayer For:

  • Staff Transitions:  As many staff prepare to take leaves next year, pray for the details of moving, housing, jobs and schools as they continue to serve the rest of the year at BFA.  Pray also for those currently in the application and support-raising process for next year, that God would be present in their decisions for the future.
  • Student Projects: Students are beginning research projects next week, in pursuit of greater mastery of research and academic writing, skills I continue to remind them are the most important preparation for college.  Pray for wisdom and energy as I help them navigate the waters of tricky online research and formatting, and that we’ll all take joy in the exploration of these topics.
  • Documents: I am in the process of renewing my passport (after the speediest ten years ever), and my German drivers’ license is still on the way.  Pray that renewal goes smoothly and that the documents I have are sufficient for the next month or so.
  • Small Group: Pray for deepening relationships with these six girls, that in the midst of cookies and giggles on Wednesday nights, we are able to hear from God through Scripture and to encourage each other to deeper relationship with Christ.

If you have questions, want information about supporting financially, or want to share news or prayer requests of your own, please email me at kristi.dahlstrom@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

Peace in Christ,



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