December: News, Thanks, Prayers

News and Dates:

  • December 3: First home basketball games (Boys Varsity executed a stunning 61-31 victory over Ansbach High School!)
  • December 6: Sankt Nikolaustag, a German holiday celebrating the arrival of St. Nicholas by filling shoes with candy.  Here’s hoping…
  • December 10 and 13: Canadian History Board Game Days!  (On which we review the exploration of the Canadian West and the intricacies of Confederation by playing student-created board games.  Should be excellent.)
  • December 13: English 11 Short Story Time (When BFA juniors will curl up in front of a digital fire and listen to the wild tales created by their peers.  As soon as I finish grading them!)
  • December 14-16: Finals Week
  • December 19, 7:15 CET: Fly from Basel to London to Seattle!
  • After much prayer on the matter, I’m pleased to be able to say that both of my roommates have decided to return to BFA next year!  This is a great blessing, both to the school and to me.
  • Curriculum for December: Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Canadian Confederation

I’m Thankful For:

  • A home here in Kandern.  At one of the many Thanksgiving feasts I attended in the last few weeks, I shared how incredible it is that a year ago I knew virtually none of the people who now make life warm and delightful.  Wherever I go, I continue to be floored by the goodness of God in providing community and love.
  • A home in Seattle, to which I’m blessed to return for a visit two weeks from today!
  • My students and their short stories, which will provide me with hours of entertainment in the coming week.  What a delight to look forward to grading!
  • Visits from friends like Meg Donevan from Tauernhof, Josh Thomas from Community Bible Church and of course my dad, Richard Dahlstrom.  So good to share this place with new and old friends.
  • Snow, which has turned Kandern into a town of postcard magic, which fills my slanted attic window a few times a week.  I’ve been cherishing God’s winter artwork in this lovely place.

Please Be in Prayer For:

  • BFA Director Search: We are in the process of choosing a new school director.  We heard from one candidate on Friday, and will hear from the second (our current interim director, Phil Peters) tomorrow.  Pray for the BFA Board and the Search Committee as they seek the Lord’s guidance for this momentous step in our school’s future.
  • Finals: Pray for the staff and students in these busiest of coming weeks, that we have the energy to complete all that’s ahead, and the wisdom to maintain balance and relationships in the midst of very full days.
  • Traveling: As many of us, myself included, scatter to the far corners of the world, pray for safety and peace for holiday travels.

On a final note, I am planning on hosting a gathering during my time in Seattle to connect with friends and supporters.  If you are in the area, stay tuned for further details.

If you have questions, want information about supporting financially, or want to share news or prayer requests of your own, please email me at  I’d love to hear from you!

As always, thank you for your prayers and support!

Peace in Christ,




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